About me

Hi,    I’m  Giovanni,      an    archaeologist     who        loves helping tourists discover the essence of Sicily.

When we travel, we usually have little time and many things to see. I often see a lot of tourists travel to Sicily without grasping the true essence of the island. So, I realized that the best way to visit Sicily is through a customized tour that focuses on specific aspects of interest: art, history, culture, food, nature, etc.. Only by satisfying your dreams you can get an unforgettable experience of Sicily.

I take your travel project seriously. So, please contact me. I will be happy to help you take your experience to the next level.

Thank You

Giovanni Virruso

Customize your Travel in sicily

Your journey in Sicily will be different because we will plan it together in order for you to get the best experience out of the island.

First of all, what kind of traveller are you? and what do you expect from your trip in Sicily? Once we keep answers, we will customize a private guided tour around the island.

Sicily has a long and complex history. So,  if you want to go deep inside, I can help you to uncover the hidden side of such a fascinating place. You will discover a lot of unexpectable treasures in Sicily. I will also use my experience in sicilian food to lead you to a really amazing journey in Sicily. 

Indeed, I love sicilian traditional food. Since I have decided to come back to work in Sicily, when I’m free, I like cooking for friends a lot of sicilian dishes with seasonal ingredients. Therefore, I also love lemons that we grow in a beautiful county close to the sea.  There, I usually go to touch the nature and to dive into the sea where I search for my best sea friend: the octopus. 


Memories of Sicily

Create your best memories of Sicily. I wish that when you go back home and close your eyes, you can see the best moments of your customized trip to Sicily.

When Should I visit Sicily?

When is it better to visit Sicily? I have no answer, because landscapes change with each season.


You can find some foods only in some periods. So, don’t believe those who offer you some delicacies all year around, that’s just a tourist trap! Even more, there is an important religious calendar: some religious events in island are unique in terms of folklore and spirituality. Also some foods are strictly tied to them and you can find certain delicacies only during these traditional festivities.

 I will listen to your desires. Together we can plan the best customized tour of Sicily, so that we can share an amazing and unforgettable experience.






WE Got You Covered

professional skills

A professional guide assures you a professional approach enriched by years of experience of working with the public.

Family friendly

Your children deserve special attention while travelling. They will find interesting activities, stories and legends.

Unusual routes

Often the best things are off the main routes. My goal is to uncover them and show them to you.


shared planning

Why shared? Because we are all different and only with your input I can plan the best possible experience for you.

Get a free talk

Do you need just some advice to travel to Sicily? Please contact me. I will be happy to help you.

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