Have you already spent some good days around Palermo and are you looking for the best solutions to make a day tour from Palermo?

Well, this article is for you then. I will try to give you 5 solutions that also provide different means of transport so you can choose how to make the best use of your holiday in Sicily.

  • The first one day tour from Palermo that you can’t miss is: Monreale. In fact, Monreale is located in the mountain just behind the city of Palermo and is famous for its beautiful cathedral. It was built in the Middle Ages by King William II during the 12th century.

The church inside is decorated with wonderful mosaics. Not to be missed is also the Benedictine Cloister which is located next door. There, you will find several capitals of the columns carved with skill tell many different stories.

Last but not least, don’t miss to taste some good local food. Here the bread, kneaded with local grains and baked in wood-fired ovens, has an amazing taste. The ricotta cream cakes are also exceptional. To reach Monreale the best way is by car, while by taxi the cost is about 45 one way. Also some buses connect the two centers. For a tour it takes about 5 hours including travel.

  • If you want to enjoy a dip in the sea and love the beaches, go to Mondello. The resort is located a few km from Palermo and offers a pleasant equipped beach. In the surroundings you can also find many restaurants after eating fresh fish.

Also in this case you can move by car, but in summer you may not easily find free parking a few meters from the beach. You can still reach Mondello by bus from Palermo. Also in this case it can take 5 hours for a relaxing dip but you can take advantage to stay more hours in relax on the beach.

  • For those who, like me, love the rocks, there are many other places. Indeed, Often they are reachable only by car for a one day tour from Palermo. My favorite is undoubtedly the area of Capo Zafferano near Bagheria. Here there are beautiful natural coves and several narrow passages and stairs leading to the sea. Sometimes these passages are not very visible.

A convenient parking is located near the Hotel Kafara. From there after a few hundred meters on foot you can reach rocks. Obviously you need a little spirit of adaptation. Because, there, you do not have the comforts of the beaches and a mat is necessary to not get hurt.

Then if you prefer to stay more comfortable you will also find a small equipped beach near the Carabiniere lido, always in the area. If you want to extend the day in the area read the next tip.

  • Solunto is a beautiful city founded by the Phoenicians. The most visible traces, however, are from the Roman period. From the hill where the city is located you can enjoy a beautiful landscape.  But, once you are on the top, be careful, as in summer the sun is very hot and there are not many areas in the shade. So I recommend you to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and water with you.

The most daring can reach it arriving by train at Santa Flavia station. Then they will have to face a hard climb of more than 1 hour to reach the ruins at the top of Monte Catalfano.

If you want to be more comfortable go by car (about 18 km from Palermo). In this way you can also take advantage of the whole day to go to the beach as described in the previous point. Or you can also add a tour to the 18th century villas of Bagheria. Once there, you can eat typical sweets or the sfincione, a special local pizza with a lot of onions. For lovers of seafaring villages, it is worth taking a tour of Aspra and its anchovy museum.

  • Last but not least, Cefalù. This locality is a bit more distant than the others so I suggest to go only if you have the possibility to leave in the morning and return in the afternoon. You can go by train (about 50 minutes) or by car. The beauty of the city and its beaches is indescribable.

The Norman cathedral is not to be missed and a tour is also worth the climb to the fortress of the city. But in this case the warnings given for Solunto are valid. To eat there is plenty of choice, but watch out for places that are too touristy. If you are by car it is also worth a drive to Castelbuono.

Well, I hope to have given you some useful information for your trip in Sicily and to have the honor to take you to visit one of these places described. In case contact me. See you soon!

Giovanni Virruso

Giovanni Virruso

Tour Guide - Archaeologist

Hi, I’m Giovanni, an archaeologist who loves guide tourists around Sicily. The island has a long and complex history. So, if you want to go deep inside it, I can help you to uncover the hidden side of a so fascinating place.