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Where family fun begins

When travelling, your kids deserve special attention. We have all they need to enjoy Sicily

Learning by having fun

Who said that we can’t have fun while learning a lot of things? Children enjoy art and culture if you give them the right inputs.



When travelling with kids dedicated activities make your holiday even more enjoyable. Enjoying a dedicated trip together with your family allows you to share an absorbing experience of the Mediterranean landscapes you pass through. Sicily offers a wide range of fun activities and entertaining ideas for the whole family.

This section includes simple itineraries, suitable for all, even the youngest group members. Family friendly tours are designed to make everybody happy and are perfect for families who want to discover Sicily following the rhythm of their children.





Kids ideas

The lost tastes of Sicilian tradition 

 A traditional food dedicated tour


A wonderful cooking class led by Danita will conclude a special tour to discover all secrets of Sicilian food traditions…

Category: Classic

Available: All year

Next Date: 15 June 2020

Family tours

Coming soon…

Category: Family

Available: All year

Next Date: 15 June 2020

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